FENIX SHIPPING - domestic and international transport and logistics

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Transport – We run international import and export in cooperation with our partners globally. We will ship your cargo to a designated point by road, by ship, by train or by air. We will also deal with all the necessary customs and documentation.

International moving - We carry out international moving from the beginning to the end. From the packing, loading and transport to the new location to unpacking. We provide the required relocation services, cleaning, singing off and new registering of cars etc. We can also carry out special orders such as animal transport and others.

We have our own storage places, where we offer both long-term and short-term storage.


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Jesenická 3002/2, Záběhlice
106 00 Praha 10
Business ID: 03973123

Ing. Jiří Trunc
phone: +420 602 657 357
e-mail: jirka@fenixshipping.cz